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Cocker Spaniel Breeder

About Us

I breed Working Cocker Spaniels and have bred dogs all my life. I am a reputable and responsible breeder and only breed once a year and never breed from my beloved dogs more than 3 times in their lifetime. I seek the best sires to mate with my dams, to ensure I produce quality Worker Cockers closely aligned to their specific breed standard; outlined in the Breed Watch section of the Kennel Club. Practising this way avoids conditions or exaggerations which could be detrimental in any way to the health, welfare or soundness of this breed. I am a very passionate Working Cocker owner and breeder and will only sell my dogs to people who can provide the ideal environment and life for this wonderful breed of dog. Puppies and Mum are monitored 24 hrs a day 2 weeks prior to birth and until pups are 4 weeks old , after which time pups are acclimatized to spending less human and Mum contact in preparation for entering the big bad world. Pups are paper trained to start and then begin their training to toilet after feeds and before bedtime. New owners will have regular contact with breeder from approx 4 wks of age and welcome to visit from week 5 by appointment. Please email for further information.

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Denise Whiteside
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Located in Southport


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Reputable Breeder KC Reg Pedigree Working Cocker Spaniel puppies

Born: 02/09/2021
Thank you for your interest in our Cocker Spaniel puppies. If we can be of any assistance in your search for a puppy, or if you have any questions about any of our dogs please get in touch.
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