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Finding the right dog to join your family is a very exciting and special time. If you have decided a puppy would be the best fit for your family, our site aims to provide you with as much information as possible for you to find the right breeder.   There are many things to consider, from the suitability of the breed for your individual circumstances, to the credentials of the breeder, and the individual puppy's health.

There are many dog breeders to choose from when looking for puppies for sale, with varying degrees of suitability to your requirements. Great breeders will all have the same things in common - in depth knowledge about the breed, dedication to the welfare of their dogs and the puppies they breed, and a desire to find first class forever homes for each of their puppies. They will also provide a lifetime of support for the new owners where needed.


Need help choosing the most suitable breed?

Use our dog breed selector to search for the characteristics that fit with your requirements. Looking for a dog with a hyperallergenic coat, or one that is low shedding?  Hoping to find a dog with high energy to compete in dog sports like agility or flyball? Search by size, energy levels, coat type, intelligence, and more...

View the top 5 Kennel Club registered breeds

Every year the Kennel Club register over 250,000 puppies across all of the different pedigree dog breeds. Buying a puppy from KC registered parents means that you'll know it's heritage, with full trace-ability across many generations in it's pedigree. Read more about the current top 10 pedigree dog breeds and choose your favourite.
French Bulldog

Full of courage, vivacious, deeply affectionate and intelligent

Labrador Retriever

Good tempered, adaptable and devoted companion

Cocker Spaniel

Gentle and affectionate, yet full of life and exuberance

English Springer Spaniel

Friendly and happy disposition


Happy and lively with great charm, dignity and intelligence

Meet Bracken. Our inspiration.

Our Story

Puppy Choices was created out of a desire to help people find reliable sources of information on the internet when searching for puppies for sale. Technology can enhance our puppy searching experience, saving time and helping connect reputable buyers with reputable breeders. 


When breeders have puppies available to forever loving homes, you can view them here. These are our latest litter adverts across all breeds. 
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