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Please enter your name and email address. We will use your email address to send you messages from puppy searchers, and as your login so you can add and change information. We will not share your email address and it will not be visible online.

Step 2 - Create your Breeder PAGE

After you have registered please enter the information required below. This will create your own breeder webpage which will be displayed on the breed specific pages and in our breeder directory, and highlights your experience to puppy searchers. 
Registered breeders must have KC registered dogs to create a profile
Most relevant to gundog, working and pastoral breeds
NB - Stud dogs and litter adverts can be created in your breeder dashboard after you've registered.
Why do I need a website?

Be found online, and give puppy searchers confidence you are a responsible, dedicated breeder.

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The Puppy Contract

A free resource to encourage the responsible breeding and buying of puppies.

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Attendance at Championship Dog Shows

We attended two Championship dog shows this year with our trade stand to raise awareness of our new site amongst the dog showing world.

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