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Why do I need a website?

First Published: April 13, 2020
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The internet is ingrained into our everyday lives - we can shop, look for jobs, do our banking, share news with family and friends, buy and sell homes, stay upto date with the latest news, and many other things, all online. It has a wealth of information that is accessible any time day or night from any location with a data connection.

It is therefore no surprise that many people choose to look online to find a pet to join their family. There are numerous classified ad sites advertising puppies for sale, some of which are sadly exploited by puppy farmers and inexperienced pet owners breeding just to try to make money. We need reputable breeders like you to have a presence on the internet to highlight the many advantages that quality breeders bring to a puppy's start in life.

A well designed dog breeder website can help with:

  • Enabling people to find you as a dog breeder, and see where you are based
  • Giving puppy searchers confidence that you are a responsible, dedicated breeder 
  • Demonstrating the quality and type of puppies you breed (Show vs. Working vs. Pet)
  • Providing puppy searchers with in depth breed specific information they may not have considered
  • Managing puppy waiting lists and communicating when your next litter is due
  • Displaying pedigree details and photos of puppies and their parents
  • Communicating the progress of a litter week by week to a puppy's new family

Giving people as much information as possible before they contact or visit you can not only help with saving time, but will also ensure your breeder / puppy owner relationship gets the best start possible.

Why Puppy Choices?

At Puppy Choices our emphasis is on enabling people to use the internet to find a reputable dog breeder, rather than just displaying puppy adverts. We have a searchable breeder directory and you can create a free webpage showing details of your experience; photos and pedigree details of your dogs; and your contact details. This can help give credibility to you as a dog breeder for anyone who is searching. It also gives you the best chance of being found - we are listed on the first page of google for search terms including "dog breeders uk", "trusted dog breeders", and "reputable dog breeders uk".

For breeders who breed regularly we have paid options that enable you to have your own website with your own domain name (for example For more information on all our options please click here.

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